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Lease Operator/Contract Pumper

PRODUCTION · Greeley, Colorado
Employment Type Full-Time Hourly
Minimum Experience Mid-level


  • Completed Operator 1 level training in Operator Assessment Booklet and passed the Field Operator Training Exam
  • Can explain the production process in addition to all safety considerations
  • Can identify all applicable equipment, parts, and ratings
  • Experienced with the variations and safety nuances of process flow from wellhead to production tanks/CPF line
  • Can properly drain scrub pots, knockouts and blow cases
  • Capable of supporting production operations and running a production facility timely with all customer & management reporting requirements.


  • On-time for pickup and location
  • Ready to work (PPE and additional clothing for weather, water, food)
  • Responsible for the knowledge and oversight of SSE expectations (prevents actions that are dumb, different, or dangerous)
  • Reporting accurate, hourly data (or required customer frequency)
  • Read and record all tank gauges
  • Expert tank management
  • Can support production operations with minimal supervision
  • Communicate and annotate detailed shift changes
  • Report timely data to Covenant Supervisors & Management (near misses / good catches, daily field status reporting, etc.)
  • Report daily hours in ADP by 0700
  • Keeps location organized and clean of debris, trash, and obstructions.


  • Proactive attitude (seeks an opportunity to learn and ways to improve)
  • Must pass and maintain a client required random drug tests
  • Have a background investigation
  • Cleared to operate a company vehicle
  • Able to lift 50-100lbs and work long hours in extreme conditions
  • Have a professional appearance
  • Must have a valid drivers license and clear driving record.

Contact Information

Paula Koch

Northern Division HR Field Coordinator

970-347-8110 |

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  • Location
    Greeley, Colorado
  • Department
  • Employment Type
    Full-Time Hourly
  • Minimum Experience